Homemade pasta

Eggs and flour and quickly you can make pasta. It is offered the chance to do the homemade pasta all together, to anyone that has stayed at least one week. Luisa prepares the sauce and we have dinner together in the evening.

Bread and flatbread

Techniques and secrets for make dough, a perfect leavening and baking of bread, pizza and flatbread. The experience comes into play!

Preserved vegetables and fruits

Since she was a child Luisa has always had a passion to preserve vegetables, initially helping Grandma Pina to make the sauce, tons of sauce. Every month you can see or ask for advice on how to prepare sweet and savory jams and canned in oil. Since 2011 Luisa has involved everyone.

Aromatic herbs

The cultivation of aromatic herbs is also possible with limited space. Basil, parsley, oregano, fennel, chives, thyme and how to match them with food.


The colors are the protagonists at Villa Gaia. In the rooms, in bathrooms, in the garden, everywhere colors light up your day. Brushes, paints, canvases or shirts and the magic is made!